Governing Bodies & Organizations:

N.A.S.C.C. Northern Alberta Sports Car Club
(Organizing body for the Ice Racing Series in which GRC participates)
C.A.T.A.I.R. Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists
Transport Canada The Canadian governing body
N.H.T.S.A. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(USA)
D.O.T. Department of Transportation (USA)
S.A.E. Society of Automotive Engineers
I.I.H.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – interesting vehicle safety information
C.A.R.S.P. The Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals

Vehicle Manufacturers:

Domestic Asian European
Buick Acura BMW
Cadillac Honda Fiat
Chevrolet Hyundai Jaguar
Chrysler Kia Mercedes Benz
Dodge Infiniti Porsche
Ford Lexus
GMC Mitsubishi Smart
Jeep Nissan Volkswagen
Lincoln Toyota Volvo
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