Dynamic Testing

Dynamic Testing

Our offices have conducted extensive real world dynamic testing over the years. Types of testing includes low-speed crash tests into our rigid barrier, acceleration rate tests, braking rate tests and steering rate tests.

We have the test equipment to crash a vehicle into a rigid barrier at low speeds (up to about 20 km/h). We’ve also conducted numerous vehicle-to-vehicle tests in this fashion. These types of tests relate the impact severity or delta-V (speed change) to the vehicle damage. Some crashes involve the non-structural components of a vehicle (e.g. headlamps) and thus, the damage appearance and cost may be high, but the actual impact severity may be quite low. These low speed tests can also be recorded to show the motion of test occupants for a biomechanical assessment.

Acceleration and braking tests conducted by our offices have provided our engineers with a hands-on feel for light, medium and full acceleration/braking rates. Thus, acceleration or braking rates quoted in publications can be related to every day driving. In addition, our offices have conducted extensive testing of winter tires on ice and snow. Dedicated winter tires provide superior braking, accelerating and cornering ability on ice and snow. Our tests have shown up to a 50% improvement in stopping distance with winter tires as compared to all season tires. All of our staff have winter tires on their personal vehicles.

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