Computer Simulations

Computer Simulations and Animations

Graham Ryan Consulting Ltd. makes extensive use of computer software to reconstruct crashes including crush analysis and PC CrashTM software. PC CrashTM was developed by Dr. Steffan Datentechnik DSD of Austria. This software makes use of an impact model based on conservation of linear and angular momentum, and models the post-impact behaviour of vehicles via tire friction and suspension models. The software can thereby account for variations in impact orientation, road elevations, slopes, and friction, among other variables. The accuracy of this software tool has been established in several peer-reviewed Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) publications.

PC CrashTM also has the capability of producing video animations of a crash, which are based on the laws of physics. Basic animation software can make vehicles and objects do whatever the programmer wishes. This may be useful for illustrating witness accounts. However, an animation produced in PC CrashTM is based on physics, which means the vehicles in the animation act like vehicles in the real world. These videos can be easily e-mailed to our clients if the reconstruction is small to provide a simple illustration of the collision events. More detailed reconstructions or court ready animations tend to be larger file sizes, but we can provide these animations via other electronic means (e.g. CD, DVD or electronic download).

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